Food Machinery

Mini Vegetable Slicer

–   Multi-purpose designed vegetable slicer
–   Cut vegetables in various style by changing disc blades
For Slicing, shredding and grating
–  Available discs
Slicer or shredder for cabbage, carrots, and cucumbers as salad
Grater disc for white radish as garnish

How to use

STEP 1 :
Cut vegetables to accommodate slicer
inlet size.

STEP 2 :
Place bowl / receptacle
under slicer outlet chute.

STEP 3 :
Turn on power switch.

STEP 4 :
Place vegetable in inlet
tray, push it by pusher.

STEP 5 :
When slicing is completed, turn off power switch.

Optional Slicing Disc Blades

Thin Slices
Dual-blade disc slicer

・SS-0.5B (0.5 mm thick)

・SS-0.8B (0.8 mm thick)

・SS-1.2B (1.2 mm thick)

・SS-1.5B (1.5 mm thick)

Thin Slices Triple-blade disc slicer

・SS-3B (0.3 mm thick)

Medium-thick slices

・SS-2.0B (2.0 mm thick)

・SS-2.5B (2.5 mm thick)

・SS-3.0B (3.0 mm thick)

Shredder disc

(1.2 mm x 3.0 mm thick)

(1.5 mm x 3.0 mm thick)

(2.0 mm x 4.0 mm thick)